SPIN UP F12W-PRO Bicycle USB Charger Dynamo

More Power

SPIN UP F12W-PRO Bicycle USB Charger Dynamo includes a 3-phase generator that, when you are cycling at a speed of 18km/h or more, is able to power your lights (3W), charge your gadgets (5W), and even fill up the cache battery (1.6W)

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Charge Smarter

The built-in Intelligent Power Management System (IPMS) consists of microcontrollers that monitor your speed and manage the available power accordingly to minimize the impact of the drag and ensure a stable output of a 1000mA electric current

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Weather Proof

Being able to operate within a wide temperature range of -25°C to 65°C and with an IP rating of IPX4, SPIN UP F12W-PRO Bicycle USB Charger Dynamo will keep you charged wherever you go and regardless of weather

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Effectively installed

SPIN UP F12W-PRO Bicycle USB Charger Dynamo is driven by the bike spokes, which is securely mounted, more efficient, and without risk of slippage.  You can easily install it at home by yourself without having to rebuild the wheel

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Titanium and Stainless Steel Bikes from Rikulau


From shaping, cutting, heat treatment, welding, to polishing, every carefully thought out design and meticulously executed procedure combine to create the applauded Rikulau frames, the soul of great bikes


Behind every Rikulau frame is nearly two decades of dedication and experience in working with titanium, which also enables Rikulau to work with other materials with exceptional skills


Expertise in color mixing, paint adhesion, and other surface treatment techniques makes Rikulau bikes your way of artistic expression through custom design and painting


Unlike your usual, mass produced bikes born out of assembly lines, all Rikulau bikes are assembled by hand with great care, precision, and most importantly, a passion in creating great bikes

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