Rikulau bicycles are known for the artistic and cultural graphics design and custom painting. Essential abilities for achieving the accomplishments are:

Paint Adhesion:

Rikulau is known for its titanium and stainless steel products. Unfortunately, these two materials are known to be difficult to paint. The paint simply strips off like orange peel. Our painting team overcame the problem so that colorful designs are fulfilled on titanium and stainless steel frames.

Color choices:

Custom color is another key ability that Rikulau embraces. We have built up a system of color mixing equipment that can create, basically, unlimited colors. When you see a Rikulau with so special a frame color flies by, believe in what you see. It is real!

Other surface treatment techniques:

Other than painting, Rikulau provides sand blasting, anodizing, and even laser carving as surface processing tools to implement the designs. Admiration for beauty and delicacy of the graphics is the only purpose of all the complicated processes.