Graphic Design

Customization service is available for Master Series only.


It is the best climber in the cat family, the most agile and acrobatic animal in the densest forests of Asia. It is the mirage that darts among the woods in lightening speed. Blurred shadow is what left to be glanced.

When you mount a Rikulau, it becomes the most powerful and efficient extension of your body. No matter where you are heading to, Rikulau takes you there with speed and elegance.

In this design, the intimidating eyes of the animal on the down tube give power to the frame. The nebulous pattern of the animal closely simulates a cloud leopard lying on the bike frame. Moreover, the ancient Chinese character for leopard (“豹”) gives an artistic touch to the design.


Phoenix - a mystical sacred firebird in both ancient Eastern and Western mythologies. At the end of its life-cycle, the bird burns itself and, then, arises as a new entity from the ashes. It is, therefore, considered symbol of immortality and regeneration.

Phoenix was selected as a theme of the Rikulau frame design because of its immortal and invincible image. The design
was inspired by Chinese opera face painting. In the design, the wings of the bird flaps through the turbulence of the flame, and boost the bike forward to the sky.


In the ancient Egypt, falcon was one of the spirits to be worshipped. Due to its perfect body structure for flying, falcon is the fastest-moving creature on Earth. And it is named “the most beautiful predator”.

In the “Falcon” design, North American aboriginal wall painting patterns were used to represent aerodynamic shape of the bird. The fiercing eyes on both sides of down tube gave life to the whole design. On the other hand, “falcon” in Chinese character perfectly fused with the figure of the bird on the seat tube.

Falcon represents speed and precision. It is destined to be the best hunter in the survival arena. For those who are always seeking for top honor, Falcon is for you!

May Snow - Tung Flower

Tung Flower (Aluerites fordii Hemsi) is associated with Hakka people in Taiwan due to its plantation for the high valued oil . It became the main character of the most romantic cultural ceremony in Taiwan after it stepped down from the economic arena. During the blossom season in April and May, white flowers ornamented the whole mountain of green in northern Taiwan. In the trails underneath, it carpeted the ground just like snow. Therefore, tung flower was given a poetic name of “May Snow”.

In Rikulau’s May Snow graphics design, tung flowers spotted the frame just like the flowers floating in the creek and dancing along the flow.


Coordination, cooperation, and effectiveness are the key concepts to operation of a bicycle. In this graphics design, Synergy employs hexagon as the design element. Hexagon is the most beautiful and structurally effective shape in nature. The design conveys the concepts of teamwork and harmony. Also, it implies the effectiveness of the operation. Synergy design can be found on Rikulau’s titanium and stainless steel products.


Simplicity emphasizes the beauty of the frame material and the craftsmanship. Unlike other Rikulau graphics designs that are very cultural and artistic, “simplicity” is not fancy, not vivid, not rich, but yes, simply simple. It conveys a message of return to innocence.


Rikulau’s graphics design has always been known for its cultural and artistic content. From the early design of Nebula and Patada to the latest Illusion and Fantasia, traces of cultural and/or artistic elements are easily observed.

“Agility”, however, has a completely different style. Clean and modern design switched the focus from the graphics back to the bike itself. In return, it emphasized the character of the product.

In fact, “Agility” = Rikulau!


The design concept of “Illusion”follows the artistical style of Master Vasarely, who is recognized as one of the most important artists of the 20th century, and the leader of the Optical Art movement. Presentation skills such as segmentation, distortion and projection are all used in the design to arouse 3D illusion from planar graphics.

Rikulau’s trademark and brand name are also hidden in the design. They not only constitute a part of the structure but are also the main elements of illusive effect. The looming graphics added mystical effects to the bicycle frame.


Butterfly is a graceful dancer. “Graceful” may not be the right word to describe a LUG bike. However, it is a perfect term for a 931 stainless steel LUG bike. It gives an unbelievable feeling of speed and easiness.
Butterfly design is simple. Black and white lines depict the veins and contour of a butterfly’s wing. Large portion of the frame remained polished and clear.

It represents the grassland, the sky or the garden. The layout is ecologically meaningful as the colorful butterfly dazzles around, but, it spends most of the time residing on flowers. It never steals the charm of the main character, but, in unnoticed corners, a butterfly may give unexpected joy.


Medieval style laurel shape graphics is simple and sincere. It is detailed but not burdened. Without excessive decoration, ROYAL reviewed a nobly nature.