SPIN UP F12W-PRO Bicycle USB Charger Dynamo

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* The price is inclusive of the dynamo and the USB charger, global shipment, and 1-year warranty

SPIN UP F12W-PRO Bicycle USB Charger Dynamo is a powerful and efficient bicycle dynamo that generates enough power to charge your gadgets and power your lights once you have reached a speed of 15km/h or more. A USB charger is specifically designed and included in the box to help achieve maximum effectiveness of the Dynamo. With a built-in Intelligent Power Management System (IPMS), the Dynamo will monitor your speed and cleverly decide which power source should be tapped into and how, so that the impact of any drag caused by the Dynamo will be minimized all the while you are provided with a stable out of a 1000mA electric current.

With its working temperature ranging between -25°C to 65°C and an IP rating of IPX4, SPIN UP F12W-PRO Bicycle USB Charger Dynamo is able to withstand extreme weather and tough terrain. Even the USB charger is water proof, which makes the Dynamo a reliable companion for your tours and adventures.

SPIN UP F12W-PRO Bicycle USB Charger Dynamo is designed to be mounted on your front wheel and driven by the bike spokes. Installation is simple and direct. You can easily DIY at home with the instruction and mounting component provided. No tweaking or adjustment is required once installed. You can also dismount it and install it on another bike if needed.

Intelligent Power Management System (IPMS)

This is a built-in micro control unit consisting of a cache battery and chips and designed to provide a fixed and stable 1000mA current output. It will automatically switch to low resistance mode (1/3 of the original) when your speed is lower than 13km/hr. During low resistance mode, 1/3 of the power will be provided by the dynamo while the remaining 2/3 provided by the battery.

Dynamo performance

Maximum power output of the Dynamo is 6V12W at 18 km/h. Taking off the 20% loss in the charging circuitry, the output is enough to support the USB charger (5W), the lights (3W), and the cache battery (1.6W).

USB charger performance

  • Below 6 km/h : No power
  • 6 ~ 15 km/h : Output 5W(5V1000mA) from cache battery
  • Over 15 km/h : Output 5W(5V1000mA) directly
  • Cache battery will continue to charge your gadget for 1 minute when you are making a brief stop

SPIN UP F12W-PRO, a new front-mount model added to SunUp Eco’s line of bike dynamos released to the market in late 2019, is a high-power low-drag 3-phase bicycle dynamo that promises to keep your smartphones and other electronic gadgets charged while you are pedaling along.

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LOCATIONFront wheel
MATERIAL (dynamo shell)Aluminium
MATERIAL (usb charger shell)Fiber Reinforced Plastic
WEIGHT (dynamo)370g
WEIGHT (USB charger)125g
PATENTMain Countries


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