Mars (M3)

M3 is made based on duplex stainless steel. The material was developed in Sweden in the 1930s. It has a microstructure consisting of both austenite and ferrite phases. The material is widely applied in highly corrosive (e.g. marine and acidic) and high pressure (e.g. pressure tanks) environment. When the strength and corrosion resistance of an austenite 316 stainless steel is not sufficient in an application, duplex stands out. M3 is not as strong as K6, but, it is higher than chromoly and 316 stainless. Its corrosion resistance is not as remarkable as titanium, but, it is far better than 304 or 316 stainless steel. The stiffness of M3 tubing is by no means comparable to V9, the price is also no comparison. Frame made with M3 will never be a feather- light super stiff racing machine. However, in a harsh environment, any cyclist will prefer a reliable companion that does not need to be taken care of. M3 is worth expecting.