Vulcan (V9)

Vulcan is a seamless tubing based on C465 stainless steel developed and patented by Carpenter, USA. It is a martensitic alloy that can be age-hardened through proper choice of heat treatment condition to enhance strength. It is now widely applied in the aeronautical and military industries.

C465 is also the raw material Reynolds uses to develop 953 tubing. 953 is a welded tube, while Vulcan is the first seamless tubing made of C465 in the world. Tube-making and heat treatment are accomplished in Taiwan. Through chosen age-hardening heat treatment temperature, Rikulau is able to achieve a balance in tensile strength (about 1800 MPa) and good ductility on V9. Thus, Vulcan is eligible to build a race-oriented light-weight and stiff frame.

Note: V9 and Reynolds 953 are made with the same C465 raw material.